Tuesday, April 22, 2003

It's Cold Outside...

An RDF crawler "I wrote an RDF crawler (aka scutter) using Java and the Jena RDF toolkit that spiders the web gathering up semantic web data and storing it in any of Jena's backend stores (in-memory, Berkeley DB, mysql, etc). Download it here....Plans for the future include tying FOAF-related processing into the aggregation such as smushing and mbox_sha1sum normalising, and making a publish/subscribe-based system so that people who can't run their own aggregators can subscribe to the RDF that's gathered."

Extra points for the Red Dwarf reference:
"We call RDFWeb/FOAF indexers 'scutters' in tribute to the robots from the UK TV series Red Dwarf. They are also called this because, metaphorically, they *scutter* around the Web looking for stuff."
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