Thursday, May 15, 2003

Ireland Funds Semantic Web

Looks like Ireland is giving research into the Semantic Web almost as much money as heart disease treatments.

"Digital Enterprise Research Centre - NUI Galway - Working on the technologies that will underpin the next generation of the World Wide Web. Their work will involve developing "semantic web technology" - the next generation of intelligent software to facilitate information retrieval from the internet and personalize web applications...12million over five years." Partnering with HP.

Major Research Investment of 42 million euro in Three New Centres for Science, Engineering and Technology - Top Class Research Centres Key to Ireland's Future - 2 May 2003

Speaking of HP, Jena 2, Preview 3 is available for download. This is the first Jena 2 with relational database backend support (looks like only MySQL for now). The schemagen stuff is quite interesting - taking OWL, DAML+OIL and RDFS and converting them to Java classes. Jena performance is not up to 3 times faster.
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