Tuesday, June 24, 2003

All that Mac Hype

Two somewhat ignored announcements by Apple:
- XCode "Anyone could guess that bringing multiple processors to bear on a build would make it go much faster, but Xcode lets you act on the obvious solution. With the Rendezvous-enabled distributed build feature it’s easy to simply farm out your build by distributing compile workload across idle desktop machines or, better, deploy a dedicated Xserve build farm to do in minutes what would take hours on any single machine."
- No Mac Left Behind "It doesn't stop there. Apple is so intent on providing an upgrade path for almost every Mac ever made that they're planning G5 upgrades for some real antiques.

The G5/II upgrade kit is for the Macintosh II, IIx, and IIfx, three six-slot workhorses designed before System 7 even came into being. Again, these will include a new backplane and will not support legacy floppies, serial devices, or ADB peripherals. Since the original computers did not have onboard video, the G5/II motherboard will include an AGP 8x socket, leaving room for up to five PCI-X cards. SCSI support is included, and after this upgrade Mac II and IIx owners will no longer have to worry about oddball memory, low memory ceilings, or "dirty" ROMs.

Anticipated price of the 1.4 GHz G5/II upgrade is US$499 plus the cost of an AGP video card." ;-)

They released Safari and some hardware too.
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