Friday, June 06, 2003

Hoisting the Meta Framework

Keel - The Next Generation Metaframework "Keel could be described as a "Framework of Frameworks", or a meta-framework, a highly extensible backbone for integrating Java components and services. A meta-framework can be defined as a specialized framework that allows easy integration of other functional specific frameworks that work together seamlessly. Meta-frameworks act as a bridge and connect together multiple application frameworks and tend to extract the best out of them. Like the keel of a ship, the Keel framework provides direction for server-side Java projects. With Keel, every service is accessed through an interface, which insulates your application code from becoming dependent on an implementation of that particular service. With Keel, you can avoid tightly coupling your code to a particular service or component, giving you the freedom to "unplug and plug in" services without needing to change your business logic." Homepage.
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