Tuesday, June 03, 2003

New Search Engine (with Topic Clustering)

Make way for the contender to Google's crown "Turbo10 let's you select up to 10 search engines to run a search through. But unlike AskJeeves where all the results are irritatingly put in different boxes, Turbo10's genius to combine them all in one weighted listing - it's the search engine of search engines. So if you wanted, you could select google.com, google.co.uk and news.google.com to search in."

"When we first started trying out the engine yesterday, it had 1102 search engines available. At the moment, it links to 1108. But the time you've reached the end of this article, it will be probably be more."

You know what's really annoying, you can't link to the search results. The results aren't the real URLs either, they are redirections through Turbo10. The idea of a "deep search" is good (the choice of search engines is impressive but restricting it to 10 is not). I can't help wishing that there was more.
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