Thursday, July 10, 2003

Convera Converts Customers

New Enterprise-Wide Deal for Convera in the Netherlands Banking Sector "The Rabobank Group comprises Rabobank, the Netherlands largest retail bank, investment specialist Robeco, insurance company Interpolis and finance product group De Lage Landen... Initially the solution will be rolled-out to 15,000 employees nationally. The second phase will see the system extended to 43,000 employees worldwide. As a result, Rabobank employees will have the ability to accurately search across corporate knowledge, regardless of the data format, location or language."

A previous press release is also is interesting: "Convera is cited as a leader in extracting and exploiting structure from unstructured data, an essential requirement within the search market as XML and RDF become used more pervasively...Following his evaluation, the report noted that Convera can access a wide array of repositories and file systems. It has working installations that support over a petabyte of content."
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