Monday, July 28, 2003

New version of 3Store

3store is a scalable RDF triplestore and query engine, made available
under the GNU General Public Licence and funded by the AKT Consortium

It is known to scale well to KB's of >10 million triples and this version
is running as the production RDF KB for the AKT project.

New features:
* Produces all RDF entailments except RDFS 10 (ContatinerMembershipProperty)
* Supports model queries via a 4th RDQL pattern member
* Interactive and batch mode RDQL query tool (tstore_rdql)
* Perl RDQL interface module
* Supports multiple RDF databases on one machine
* Comparision operators in RDQL queries (> and <)

Several parsing and crash bugs have been fixed in the engine.
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