Sunday, July 06, 2003


Tim O'Reilly: Software licenses don't work "Nobody is pointing out something that I think is way more significant: all of the killer apps of the Internet era: Amazon (.com, Inc), Google (Inc.), and They run on Linux or FreeBSD, but they're not apps in the way that people have traditionally thought of applications, so they just don't get considered."

"Let's stop thinking about licenses for a little bit. Let's stop thinking that that's the core of what matters about open source...Open source is a contributor to the commoditization of software, but it's not the only contributor. Open standards lead to commoditization. The Web browser is proprietary, but it's a commodity."

People also seem to ignore that Semantic Web technologies are perfect for services and integration work. Open source, Semantic Web enabled technology for system integrators...seems to make sense.
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