Sunday, July 27, 2003

Various Articles

Computer Visions: A Conversation with David Gelernter "The Linda-Jini technology and Linda-JavaSpaces technology connections seem straightforward. In many ways, Sun is the leading intellectual force in the software world; both Jini technology and JavaSpaces technology are systems I admire highly, and I'm proud that our ideas were useful."

An Open Source Strategy for the Open Group "But sorry, vendors! The easy times are over. A market that embraces Open Source is a highly competitive market, and you'll have to work harder for the customer."

RDF tools are beginning to come of age "Redland is a C-based toolkit with many language bindings, including Python, Perl, and Java. It's comprised of an RDF parser, raptor, and a data store. The store currently uses Berkeley DB files, but support for underlying SQL stores is underway. For my example, I'll use the Python bindings to Redland."
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