Monday, July 28, 2003

WWW2 - The Search for Shared Meaning

How the Semantic Web will scale: "Actually, I expect the web to have different order at different scales. A fractal system has similar amounts of organization showing up in a similar way at different scales...Every time a message sent by one is inconsistent with some interpretation the other had been considering the second agent throws the interpretation away. So we end up with a concept of "means the same thing".

When more than two people do it, then we call it a community, or a movement, or whatever."

Sounds a lot like this: "In the Semantic Web, as in life, you don't have to believe everything everybody says forever. If you are deeply cynical, then don't believe what anyone says. Still, the Semantic Web technologies could be of use. You could use your own text mining tool to extract metadata (unlike the document's own data in the meta tag). You can then combine this with other document's metadata and create your own ontology. You can use ontologies to further classify other documents or sets of documents.

If you can trust other people and their metadata extraction then things get even better or even exponentially better as you trust more (people, groups, companies, etc.) and/or use more tools..."

I hope I've got it...
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