Thursday, August 21, 2003

Tipping Point

The Anti-Microsoft Tipping Point: Are We There Yet? "Had enough yet? Did the Blaster worm send you over the edge? Maybe one of its variants is emptying out your hard drive right now. Or perhaps your bottom line is still suffering from a shutdown caused by the SQL Slammer worm back in January."

It seems that some companies have already reached their tipping point: "Ball told his IT department he wanted Microsoft products out of his business within six months. "I said, 'I don't care if we have to buy 10,000 abacuses,'" recalled Ball, who recently addressed the LinuxWorld trade show. "We won't do business with someone who treats us poorly.""

This is such a good story about throwing away Microsoft products and replacing it with Linux. The attitude is very heartening especially in comparison with the previous article here. And all Microsoft can come up with to keep people coming is stuff like this and DRM.
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