Friday, September 12, 2003

Fractals (again)

Data visualisation: is it coming of age? "Fractal Edge's unique approach to data visualisation has enabled the power of the underlying data to be greatly enhanced. Data is better explained and understood within a defined vision or context. Huge volumes of rapidly changing information may be presented on screen in visual form without losing detail. Bottlenecks in the access and delivery mechanisms for data are eliminated. Data may be colour coded for ease of macro presentation and identification purposes and the structure of the data may be easily arranged depending on criteria important to the user.

Fractal Edge applications map data neutrally. They can aggregate multiple proprietary and third party data sources to bring a combined view of relevant sources of information. Basic adapters are available to CSV and Excel and more sophisticated adapters to Windows and Bloomberg, the financial data and market information providers. One-way and two-way links are available to data sources. Fractal applications allow launch of functionality from underlying applications."
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