Thursday, September 04, 2003


Practical Artificial Intelligence Programming in Java is one of a few Open Content books available for download written by Mark Watson. Of interest was the small sections on finding paths in graphs and WEKA.

3store: Efficient Bulk RDF Storage.

HT03 Complete List of Papers includes: The Connectivity Sonar: Detecting Site Functionality by Structural Patterns, Which Semantic Web?, Finding the Story - Broader Applicability of Semantics and Discourse for Hypermedia Generation, Collage, Composites, Construction, and Refinement of TF-IDF Schemes for Web Pages using their Hyperlinked Neighboring Pages.

AAMAS'03 Workshop on Web Services and Agent-based Engineering includes: Semantic web services interaction "For this purpose, we propose in this paper a new paradigm for cooperation and coordination between web services disguised as software agents.", KAoS Semantic Policy and Domain Services: An Application of DAML to Web Services-Based Grid Architectures "KAoS is a collection of componentized services compatible with several popular agent and distributed computing frameworks, including Nomads [21; 22], the DARPA CoABS Grid [17], the DARPA ALP/Ultra*Log Cougaar framework [29], Brahms [20], Voyager [30], CORBA [31]—and now GT3." (they plan to move to OWL), Brokerage for Mathematical Services in MONET "We describe here the approach to service brokerage being explored as part of the MONET project, whose larger aim is to demonstrate the applicability of the semantic web to the domain of mathematical software." and Composing Workflows of Semantic Web Services.
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