Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Semantic Technologies for E-Government

This was a recent one day seminar held by TopQuadrant at the White House Conference Center that included "...solution stories from both vendors of semantic technologies and agencies that are already using them in applications."

The preceedings included two papers: Semantic Technology Briefing and Ontology Myth or Magic.

The applications for semantic technology listed were "Answer Engine", "Automated Content Tagger", "Concept-base Search", "Connection and Pattern Explorer", "Content Annotator", "Context-Aware Retriever", "Dynamic User Interface", "Enhanced Query Search", "Expert Locator", "Generative Documentation", "Interest-based Information Delivery", "Navigational Search", "Product Design Assistant", "Semantic Data Integrator", "Semantic Form Generator and Results Classifier", "Semantic Service Discovery and Choreography"and "Virtual Consultant".

Also mentioned were ontology uses, comparison of tools, lifecycle, etc. and vendors like Ontoprise, Network Inference, Semagix, Lockheed Martin, Plugged In Software and Unicorn.

Shelly Powers' RDF book among others (actually most by Dieter Fensel) were listed (many of which I seem to have sitting on my shelf).
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