Sunday, September 14, 2003

Semantic Web Integration Start-Up

Metatomix(TM), Inc. Closes $8.3 Million Venture Round to Bring Real-Time Visibility and Integration Software Technologies to Commercial and Government Markets "Metatomix, founded in December 2000, has developed its Real-Time Visibility and SMARTE(TM) (Surveillance Monitoring and Real-Time Events) Suites based on its innovative application of Semantic Web-based architectures. The Semantic Web extends the Internet by allowing data-driven interactions to enable greater access to all types of information. This evolution extends the original Web concept of people interacting with computers to the sea changing philosophy of machines interacting with machines. Metatomix has harnessed this data-driven network computing technique to deliver real-time information integration and visibility software for commercial applications."

Metatomix has a piece of software they call the Hologram Store which " stored in a form that allows the data to be queried and coalesced from a variety of perspectives. The data is captured and expressed in Resource Description Framework (RDF), a W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) standard that is a form of XML. By using this data format, new data sources are easily added without the requirement to redesign or reprogram the data model."
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