Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Taxonomies and WinFS

Longhorn To Get NUI Foundation Platform " In other words, if you want to tell your Longhorn computer to find a file, you will have the option of saying the word "Find," evoking a dialog box and/or drop-down menu on your screen.

This kind of capability is predicated on a new type of file system, Lee says.

"First, we need a file system that is more of a structured database," Lee explains. "You can't reason with everything being a file type. That's why we need WinFS," the Windows File System at the heart of SQL Server "Yukon" (and the data-store component of WinFS that will be embedded in Longhorn), Lee says.

"Then, we need to ask, if the richer (data) store lets you reason about nouns, why not verbs ... like 'format,' 'delete,' 'print'?" Lee continues. "If you think about 'find' as a verb, then everything fits into a reasonable taxonomy.""

Also interesting was the Google File System paper.
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