Friday, September 19, 2003


While Australia is suffering from a drought vortex, America is suffering the opposite.

From the Catalyst story:
"The water supplies of Melbourne and Adelaide are well below 50% capacity and in Perth their reservoirs are less than a quarter full. If the next 18 months are as dry as the last, these cities and their six million residents face a water crisis."

"The heatwaves and fires that we experienced in Australia recently and in Europe currently are indeed a glimpse of the future. We would expect more heatwaves, more droughts and of course a greater stress on people living in cities."

"But while the rest of the world gets warmer due to greenhouse gases, Antarctica is cooling due to ozone loss. So there’s a bigger difference in temperature between the equator and poles. The combined effect of ozone and greenhouse, it seems, is making the polar vortex spin faster."

There has been some simple proposals, much more reasonable than an Armageddon like ending for hurricanes.
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