Friday, October 24, 2003

Finding Context

The Web: Search engines still evolving " "What's missing here is the context," Barak Pridor, CEO of ClearForest Corp., of New York City, a developer of data management software, told United Press International. "Information is only meaningful when it is in context."

Computer scientists around the globe, funded by private investors, and government agencies, such as the National Science Foundation and Science Foundation Ireland, are seeking to solve this vexing dilemma. The search problem is inherent in the Internet -- a technology already 30 years old that has been commercialized only within the last decade."

" Using a combination of statistical mathematics, heuristics, artificial intelligence and new computer languages, researchers are developing a "Semantic Web," as it is called, which responds to online queries more effectively. The new tools are enabling users -- now on internal corporate networks and, within a year, on the global Internet -- to search using more natural language queries."

" Investors -- including Greylock -- have given ClearForest $7.5 million in recent weeks to take its technology to the next level.

Computer scientists also are employing artificial intelligence for the Semantic Web, James Lester, chief scientist and chairman of LiveWire Logic in Research Triangle Park, N.C., a linguistic software agent developer, told UPI."
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