Friday, October 03, 2003

The Impedance Imperative

The Impedance Imperative Tuples + Objects + Infosets =Too Much Stuff! "In particular they added new native types to the database to support objects (called user defined data types) and large text types. Both of these extended types were syntactic extensions on Blobs, which were added largely to support images, and documents. SQL was extended to allow query operations over Blobs using special content selector objects. Recently text types have been enhanced to support XML schemas or DTDs."

"Meta programming [11] or generative programming is clearly the least offensive way to cope with this mess. A model driven generator can clearly address the syntactic redundancy and associated mappings. The generator handles the syntactic redundancy. This however is the easy part. Processing is still far too complicated. Unfortunately, most generative tools do not support debugging at the level of the abstraction, forcing programmers to have deep knowledge of the generated code and the underlying framework."

This is very close to my current thinking. He even references "The Third Manifesto". I would add something about how RDF could support meta programming though.
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