Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Metadata Zealots

metadata "If I were to rewrite my weblog software today I would create a universal text box... it receives data and a data type. If the data type is an entry it posts the data to my weblog. If it's a low-threshold link, it posts the data to my morale-o-meter. If it's a category, it creates a new category for entries and low-threshold links. If it's a photo it updates my mopho. If it's a name it can create a new author or update my friends list. Etc. I should be able to post comments to other people's entries and send emails from this universal text box. I should be able to ping a server or post to a remote API."

The Drowned World of Data "This is pretty much what I want to do in my own personal world of information. I want to pare down my data platforms to the bare minimum. I want 4-5 platforms maximum, which could be the following:

- Writing tool - my weblog and my paper notebooks (I still need both computer and pen)
- Ideas: Database
- Communication: Email
- Tasks: Outlook (or Chandler when it is finished)
- Reading tool: RSS Aggregator"

The idea behind Kowari is to write something for developers to solve these problems. The release will probably be in about two weeks and we'll have a developer beta release when we've got it close (probably in the next day or so). We should have some Jena 2.0 (or 2.1) support, data types, better sub-query speed, descriptors (XSL style sheets filled in by queries), and other stuff. We're after a good demo, I've got a list of over 30 Semantic Web/RDF applications that we're going to look at but if you've got an idea (with code) let me know.
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