Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Mooting Mooter

Graphical Web searching gets Mooted “We have experienced triple the level of traffic of our most ambitious target,” Cappell said. “It’s really a lovely problem to have.”

The Mooter search engine, named after “a question that can have more than one answer”, is an Australian-made Web search tool which uses intelligent algorithms to group search results into themes or “clusters” of information. “In a traditional search a user might put in ‘travel’,” Cappell said. From the range of results brought up by this search, users may then narrow down what they’re looking for to “car hire” or “accommodation”, resulting in another list of search results, she said."

No such thing as bad publicity. The results on "windows" are all about the operating system likewise "java" is all about the programming language.

"How mooter technology works:
We push the results through our proprietary nodal structure. Phrases and chunks of meaning accumulate in nodes, our intelligent algorithms then analyse those nodes and present the user with a series of categories that encapsulate the content of the search results."
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