Sunday, October 19, 2003

No Code

I've been spending most of my time trying to get the last of the problems with Kowari up and running - it's now down to Windows specific problems (mainly with java.nio). Frustratingly, I can't show how to solve Sam Ruby's problem of being able to query across namespaces. Metaqueries, we have that in iTQL, they're simply subqueries - like in SQL. That's not the interesting way (inferencing is) but it's a start. I think using OWL's sameAs is appropriate to show the two are equivalent.

I haven't checked this but something like:

select $creator
select $type
from <rss_schemas>
where $type <>
from <rss_feeds>
where $creator $type '';

"rss_schemas" is the model which holds mappings from Dublic Core to other schemas. "rss_feeds" are any URLs like "", file or Kowari model.

Danny Ayers noted that in RDQL: "SELECT ?a, ?c WHERE (?a, <dc:title>, ?c)" will get you the subProperties as well (without have to specifically list it).

Zoe is one of the Open Source projects to be nominated to be included to go to Comdex.

I was going to totally stay away from coding this weekend.
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