Sunday, October 12, 2003

Verity and Autonomy - Magic

Visionaries Invade the 2003 Search Engine Magic Quadrant "Autonomy and Verity separately approached the challenge of information location. Verity chose a word-by-word sleuthing perspective, and Autonomy chose a pattern-matching, keyword-unexamined direction. Together, they lead the 2003 Search Engine Magic Quadrant.

Autonomy remains highly adept at pattern-matching and word-independent consideration of the content it indexes and processes. However, because it lacks a direct service division, it is handicapped in developing marquee installations and installations for midsize businesses that sometimes prefer not to use expensive systems integrators. It provides a broad spectrum of pricing options but tends to be priced higher, on average, than other vendors.

Verity's roots in keyword location and related relevancy analysis, where the word is the critical foundation for comprehension, is different than the Autonomy approach. Just as Autonomy has developed a credible search product, Verity has expanded its ability to address high-sophistication pattern matching and is now capable of matching Autonomy in many deals. Verity's acquisition of Ultraseek is simultaneously a cause for concern and a reason to be hopeful. Verity will find it challenging to produce a one-size-fits-all, variably priced product from the purchase. Success in doing so would benefit its status as a leader."
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