Monday, November 03, 2003

R is for RDF

RxPath is a language for querying a RDF model. It is syntactically identical to XPath 1.0 and behaves very similarly.

RxSLT is a language for transforming RDF to XML.

RxUpdate is a language for updating an RDF model.

RxML is an alternative XML serialization for RDF that is designed for easy and simple authoring, particularly in conjunction with RhizML.

Racoon is a simple application server that uses an RDF model for its data store, roughly analogous to RDF as Apache Cocoon is to XML.

Rhizome is a simple content management and delivery system that is similar to a Wiki except that you can author arbitrary XML and RDF metadata and the structure of the website is stored as RDF. This allows both the content and structure to be easily repurposed and complex web application rapidly developed.

Built on top of 4suite.
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