Saturday, November 22, 2003


Notes from SWAD-E "Building a triple store based on non-relational technology was represented by several participants such as those using BDB (not in Jena2 at present) and more sophisticated indexing such as @semantics. These have the advantages of smaller system dependencies than RDBs (slightly different SQLs, optimising needs, fetures) but are more "bare metal". The indexing is done using hashes (content digests) or using triple identiifers. A brief discussion showed that there were a variety of content digests used across relational and non-relational, MD5, SHA1 and using the top/lower 32/64 bits. As disks are still much slower than processors, there is little difference on modern systems (but MD5 is seen as more common). The non-relational triplestores tend to have better intimate knowledge and use of the RDF details such as schema information but still need to have query optimising, text searching and so on added by hand rather than reusing relational work."

libferris Release 1.1.12 "New fnamespace for setting XML like namespaces to refer to EA, added support for mounting RDF/bdb and RDF/XML files with list, rename, remove, create support, can now save EA in a user's local RDF/bdb file, new as-rdf EA to export all EA for a file as RDF/XML, new myrdf:// URL for personal RDF storage, can now handle directory names that are URIs properly, isCompressedContext() no longer tries to read a context to find out if its compressed or not, commented g_io_channel_set_encoding() because it was causing errors setting encoding on a fifo to null." Note of libferris.

Semantic Web the comic Less said the better.
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