Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Why Longhorn will be Slow (apparently)

The Emperor's New Code "It is interesting that in all the demos and discussions at the PDC, nobody worried about performance. I have to believe XAML imposes substantial overhead on the GUI (look at what XUL did to Mozilla). And vector graphics? Hopefully it can all be pawned off on GPUs and everything will work okay. WinFS is going to be a big time resource hog. I'm guessing it is painfully slow now and that there’s a bunch of people working hard trying desperately to make it fast enough (not to be confused with fast, period). Indigo isn't far enough along for performance to be assessed, but because SOA is simpler than object proxying Indigo has a great chance to be faster than COM+ or DCOM or .NET remoting (none of which were fast enough to be useful in “real” applications). Let's hope the security wrappers don't kill the basic speed of ASMX; in the real world people still use sockets with no security whatsoever, because they're fast."

Performance, Microsoft? As the author states, Microsoft usually gets performance right, except maybe on the Mac.
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