Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Kowari Update

* iTQL will be changing to be RDQL with proprietary extensions. This is based on the recent RDQL submission and previous discussions we've had.
* The Kowari lite development (just the minimum number of jars to get it going) is continuing. The iTQL command line UI has been improved so it's at least as good as the web iTQL UI.
* RDF Query Languages Eric van der Vlist's question, "Where are the triples?", we've often thought the same thing. The iTQL interpreter has planned, for a long time, to support spitting out RDF/XML results as well as it's existing XML and ResultSet based answers.
* CVS is going to stay internal until we get significant external development. It will be updated infrequently (as bugs are fixed) and with each release.
* Started looking at Aquamarine's API as far as JRDF is concerned. JRDF has had some minor updates (only in CVS at the moment).

Actually, after thinking about querying what you really want is to define a query and have it return all the RDF/XML related to a resource that matches the query - it's something that Guha wrote about (as given by Dan Brickley). This would require OWL and schema support but it's something that is unique over an existing SQL database. You could also, hack this up, by creating a large WHERE clause that defines all the properties of the resource but that's a lot of effort to do each time.
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