Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Set Theory with RSS

The Algebra of RSS Feeds ""Taking a cue from the operations of set theory," Paquet writes, "we could for instance define the following:

1. Splicing (union): I want feed C to be the result of merging feeds A and B.
2. Intersecting: Given primary feeds A and B, I want feed C to consist of all items that appear in both primary feeds.
3. Subtracting (difference): I want to remove from feed A all of the items that also appear in feed B. Put the result in feed C.
4. Splitting (subset selection): I want to split feed D into feeds D1 and D2, according to some binary selection criterion on items.""

The original post.

While I wouldn't say that RDF has the monopoly on set theory (and operations like union and intersection) it does seem like reinventing the wheel.
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