Thursday, February 12, 2004

13 Things to Fix about EJBs

"In particular developers appear to be most interested in the following:

1. Ditch CMP or make it simpler like Hibernate or JDO
2. Use a POJO programming model
3. Add support for Interceptors/filters/AOP.
4. Eliminate/Consolidate the component interfaces (remote, local and endpoint).
5. Make deployment descriptors more like XDoclet
6. Instance-level authentication/entitlement.
7. Replace the JNDI ENC with Dependency Injection (a.k.a. IoC).
8. Add a Mutable Application Level Context
9. Support development and testing outside the container system.
10. Define cluster-wide singletons for EJB.
11. Clearly specify and standardize class loading requirements.
12. Standardize the deployment directory structure for EJBs.
13. Support Inheritance."

13 improvements for EJB.
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