Saturday, February 21, 2004


AUIML "AUIML is an XML dialect that is a platform and a technology-neutral representation of panels, wizards, property sheets, etc. AUIML captures relative positioning information of user interface components and delegates their display to a platform-specific renderer. Depending on the platform or device being used, the renderer decides the best way to present the user interface to the user and receive user input.

The AUIML XML is created using the Eclipse-based AUIML VisualBuilder, which allows a developer to quickly build and preview user interfaces in the Java Swing and HTML Renderers. The AUIML VisualBuilder can also automatically create data beans, event handlers, and help system skeletons for the user interface. Since it plugs into Eclipse, building the user interface and application code is an integrated proces"

Interesting that IBM are support Swing here and not SWT.
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