Thursday, February 05, 2004


XML Watch: Planet Blog "As the number of Planet-style aggregators grows (while I'm writing this, Planets Apache and SuSE are under active development), so grows a variety of software for creating the aggregated sites. There are now at least three codebases for creating such sites, originating with Monologue, Planet GNOME, and Planet RDF. It would be good if each of these codebases could interoperate at least on the basis of configuration files, such as the RDF blog listing from Listing 1. Additionally, we may want a more advanced way of describing each of the planets, perhaps so an über-aggregator -- the Planetarium! -- can be made. (Actually, Jeff Waugh, who created Planet GNOME, has just registered "", so watch this space!)

I'll leave you with the code in Listing 5, which is a suggestion of how multiple planets could be described; processors follow the seeAlso links to retrieve a list of contributors for each planet. If the choice is made to use RDF/XML, creating the über-configuration file is as easy as aggregating the various RDF blog lists."

A great article and all, especially Figure 2.
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