Monday, February 16, 2004

Radar Networks Triple Store

Okay, not much sleuthing here, it's the 4th hit on Google or something, still interesting.

"2 November, 2003. A short and somewhat formal description of the Radar Networks Triple Store, which is the system that handles the semantic metadata for this website. An essay by Jack Rusher.

A triple store is designed to store and retrieve identities that are constructed from triplex collections of strings (sequences of letters). These triplex collections represent a subject-predicate-object relationship that more or less corresponds to the definition put forth by the RDF standard.

The problem space of storing this sort of data has been explored by the graph database, object database, PROLOG language and, more recently, semantic web communities. A more thorough backgrounder is provided by the work on Datalog, Jena, Dave Beckett’s Redland, the AT&T Research Communities of Interest project, Ora Lassila’s Wilbur, and the activities of the W3C Semantic Web project, among others."

Triple Store

Oh and then there's this blog (which I've read before without seeing the Radar Network postings).
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