Friday, March 12, 2004

Updates, Books and Referrers

Some quick updates:
* A Lot To Digest - A glowing summary of the Cannes Technical Plenary and WG Meeting Week.
* From duct tape to chewing gum and baling wire - A review of the RDF in XHTML proposal.
* A Semantic Web Primer. Also from MIT Press From Logic to Logic Programming and Dynamic Logic.
* Also closed the RFEs in Kowari for RDQL (which we implemented using SableCC and our own query layer) and Jena Support (still lots to optimize).
* In my referrer log: [Babelfish translation] "The semantic Web, you use it and you will use it more and more without the knowledge. And it is very well like that. RDF, OWL, Semantic Web" from La Grange.
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