Wednesday, April 14, 2004

42...What was the question?

Abracadabra, 42, Curator "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy,1 those afflicted with 42 fever argue that "UML" is actually the correct answer. The classical symptom of those afflicted with 42 fever in the sphere of software engineering is to have an a priori delusion that UML is the solution for all software-engineering problems."

Part of a larger set of articles on UML Fever.

"The entertaining tenor of "Death by UML Fever" should not be inferred to suggest that UML fever is an imaginary ailment. It is genuinely real, it is thriving, and its presence is causing cost and schedule trauma on many software programs right now. Furthermore, the root causes of this fever, in general, have nothing to do with the UML itself: Rather, this fever and its various manifestations are largely symptoms of deeper ills in an organization's software development practices. Software organizations should consider launching self-diagnosis campaigns to assess the presence or extent of UML fever on their programs and plan rehabilitation strategies as necessary. Developing good software is a difficult enough task without having to endure the preventable and often painful complications of the dreaded UML fever."
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