Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Google Watching

What can't you find on Google? Vital statistics "Google is famous for being a confident, open company. Its clean, uncluttered search page is supposed to be a metaphor for the organisation behind it. But when you start asking questions about its technology, then the water rapidly becomes murky...One university presentation, for example, claimed that Google handled 150 million queries a day, and 1,000 per second at peak times...If the system is handling a peak load of 1,000 queries per second, he reasoned, that translates to a peak rate of 86.4 million queries per day - or perhaps 40 million queries per day...They also claim to have '4+ petabytes' of disk storage, and have let slip that each server is fitted with two 80 gigabyte hard drives. Now a petabyte is 10 to the power of 15 bytes, so if Google had only 10,000 servers, that would come to 400 Gb per server. So again the numbers don't add up."

Google Goes Public? The Rich Get Richer "People speculate. People dream. And if the numbers are to be believed, people will drool. The current prediction is that Google, if it decides to sell shares to investors this year, would probably end up with a market value of $20 billion to $25 billion by the end of its first day as a publicly traded company."

Google's Brin Talks on Gmail Future "It was interesting to me that you did finally hit on the word conversation. It seems to me that there's a synergy between the elements of the conversation in the RSS space and what you're doing in the e-mail space.

I think that's very true. Part of the things we've seen why blogs and RSS feeds are such a success is that you can actually read it—you don't have to stop, click back and forth, collect bits and pieces here and there—but it is all presented to you as one. "
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