Friday, April 30, 2004

Intellidimension's SWS

Semantic Web Search "Semantic Web Search is a search engine for the Semantic Web. Our site can be used by both people and computers to precisely locate and gather information published on the Semantic Web."

From the FAQ:
"...using our standard search engine interface you can just type a one or more of keywords describing the information you are trying to locate. This is no more complicated than a traditional Web search engine. However like a traditional Web search engine this can lead to a large number of irrelevant results. To narrow your search you can restrict it to the specific type of resource that you are trying to locate such as a person (FOAF Person) or news article (RSS Item). If your search is still producing a large number of irrelevant results than you can refine it further by specifying one or more specific property values that the resource must have."
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