Thursday, June 24, 2004

Semantic Clarity

Two related pieces dealing with integration and the Semantic Web.

Triple-based Computing "[Johanson & Fox, 2004] expect ubiquitous computing as the “killer app” for tuplespace-based computing because of the model’s portability, extensibility, flexibility, and ability to deal with heterogeneous environments...Since applications are decoupled in reference, time, and space many issues in protocol and process alignment disappear because they are provided by the underlying middleware that implements the tuplespace."

Semantic Web bringing clarity to the Universal Server concept "I would also like to conclude that what we know today, as the monolithic "point of presence" on the web called a "Web Site" (which infers browsing and page serving), is naturally going to morph into a different kind of "point of presence" that is capable of delivering the following from a single process:

1. Serve up Semantic Data from existing data sources
2. Provide execution endpoints for Web Services
3. Provide an instigation point for events that trigger Service Orchestratio

This is what Virtuoso is all about, and why it is described as a "Universal Server"; a server instance that speaks many protocols, delivering a plethora of functionality (Database, Web Services Platform, Orchestration Engine, and more)."
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