Thursday, June 17, 2004

Spicy Searching

IBM expands search push with Masala "The computing giant, based in Armonk, N.Y., is gearing up to release Masala, a new version of its DB2 Information Integrator software that will let corporate employees retrieve information from databases, applications and the Web at the same time. Subsequent improvements will include a data-mining component code-named Criollo."

"Microsoft, though, isn't standing still. It is working on its own distributed search plan with Longhorn and a new release of its SQL Server database, code-named Yukon, and plans to build its own Internet search service. BEA Systems and others are working on similar technology."

"Information Integrator is a software layer than can pull data from different software--Oracle databases, Microsoft Excel, IBM's own DB2 and Lotus databases--with a single query. IBM and other companies are touting this "federated" database approach, in which searches tap into spread-out data sources, as a potentially cheaper alternative to shipping and storing large amounts of information in a single database."
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