Wednesday, July 14, 2004


semantic what? "people don't want to manage. people want to interact. applications that want users to enter metadata that enable management, at least in the consumer marketplace, are doomed to failure."

And while a little unreadable, The unbearable inevitability of discretization is an interesting rant about the Semantic Web and all things in general:
"Evolutive efficiency also applies to the Semantic Web. Luckily for us, it benefits from two distinct evolutionary avenues. It indeed gains effectiveness both from cleverer agents and from semiotically-complete ontology representation formats (relational databases, XML/RDF, OWL, UML, etc.). Therefore, with some site correctly implementing the Semantic Web-enabling technologies, one is right to argue that the Web already shows some signs of semantic intelligence.
Discretization is the fundamental mechanism behind any form of cognition. Solve et coagula-based computing rules!"
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