Monday, July 19, 2004

Ontology Editors

A nicely timed posting, given our recent work on Ontology editing at work, 94 ontology editors on the wall… links to Ontology Tools Survey, Revisited.

"Reference to taxonomies and ontologies by vendors of mainstream enterprise-application-integration (EAI) solutions are becoming commonplace. Popularly tagged as semantic integration, vendors like Verity, Modulant, Unicorn, Semagix, and many more are offering platforms to interchange information among mutually heterogeneous resources including legacy databases, semi-structured repositories, industry-standard directories and vocabularies like ebXML, and streams of unstructured content as text and media."

"The ontology editor enhancement mentioned most often by respondents was a higher-level abstraction of ontology language constructs to allow more intuitive and more powerful knowledge modeling expressions."

And on the second page:
"While achieving full-range ontology editing functionality is a tall order for toolmakers, the capabilities called out above are not the only demands toolmakers face...Some see the gathering demands as an impending crisis for providing editing environments that can accommodate an expanding scope of ontology language responsibilities. Eventually, editors will have to address the ontology language and reasoner functions currently under development..."
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