Friday, July 16, 2004

Semantic Web and MDA

The July edition of the MDA Journal "...the only thought I had as to the potential for integrating the Semantic Web and MDA was the idea a rather obvious one to MDA aficionados that MOF metamodels of the Semantic Web languages would help to integrate ontologies into the MDA world. I did not appreciate the role that reasoning could play in making MDA more scalable."

"As ontologies move into industry they need to coexist with industrial metadata. We do not want ontologies to become yet another silo in a fragmented metadata landscape. Since much enterprise tooling is moving toward MOF-based metadata management, a minimal goal would be to make it possible for MOF-based tools to physically manage ontologies using the common MOF mechanisms."

"In order to achieve the goal of using MDA and the Semantic Web together, the OMG issued an RFP that calls for standardizing the following:
* A MOF metamodel for ontology definition
* A UML profile for ontology definition
* A mapping between the UML profile and the MOF metamodel".

Found by “Semantic Web” applied.
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