Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Does Google's browser have name?

gbrowser "I would just love if the following rumor was true: Google builds a browser based upon Mozilla. Of course, there is some evidence Google is going to build a browser, just whois"

Google Browser Opens Up Gates For Web Services "This would take Google on a head-to-head strategy with Microsoft. Gmail or something like it could even very easily serve as a personal online server and archive.

The only core product that Google couldn’t challenge with that is the operating software and the office suite."

"In fact, a Google browser move is a strong example of what David Stutz warned Microsoft of; networked computing will overtake PC-based computing and Microsoft doesn’t have a competitive answer.

Google would have a lot to gain from a central position in Internet-based communications. Microsoft would have everything to lose.

Give me one good reason why Google wouldn’t do it."
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