Thursday, September 16, 2004

More Military Intelligence

Uncle Sam's Semantic Web ""The beginning of the Iraqi operation was postponed for weeks because information systems couldn't be made interoperable in the time required," said Hendler. "Systems couldn't talk to one another." It was a problem, he says, that a Semantic Web framework could have solved."

"As more triples are created, checkbooks are coming out. TopQuadrant, one of the co-sponsors of the conference, has decided that the Semantic Web is a bankable technology, and predicts that a U.S. $63 billion market for "Semantic Technology" will emerge by 2010.

Miller, the W3C Semantic Web Activity lead, is not as confident in these numbers -- not from a lack of confidence in the technology, but from a suspicion of all predictions. "I am cautiously optimistic. I'm seeing an increase in tools and services," said Miller."
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