Saturday, September 18, 2004

Own your Data

The Future of the Semantic Web is Here Today and is Evenly Distributed "In this essay I will argue that the tools to do this exist now, and that all factors point toward a future of owning and publishing all our contributions."

"The most obvious example where redundant work has been noticed recently has been the proliferation of social networking sites like Orkut and Friendster. You had to reproduce the same data across every site. This didn't work out so well. In fact people were sick of these sites pretty fast. Now imagine producing, by hand, an rss feed for every rss aggregator in existence. Worst. Idea. Ever."

"We contribute our thoughts and work to the web now. We all write these incredibly useful pieces of information now, just not for ourselves.

Own your data. This future is here and is evenly distributed."
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