Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Pfizer Goes Semantic Too

WD: Pfizer Position Paper From the attached Word document:"There are really two issues here where Semantic Web technologies could be used to great effect. The first of these is the communications issue. How can experimental protocols, descriptions of model systems, statistical criteria for data acceptability, and many other critical elements be effectively communicated between technology silos? The second issue is that of synthesizing results from the various technology silos into a holistic picture of physiology..."

"...there are gaps between discovery, development, and clinical groups as well. These gaps have to do with inter-group communications and with the fact that, while there are some similarities, the different groups often work with very different types of information. Here again it seems that Semantic Web technologies could be instrumental in solving some of these problems, although it is clear that the solutions are not trivial."

"...When presented with a large amount of data and other information, IT departments typically create databases to store the data and provide interfaces by which users can query the data. Unfortunately, there are some problems with this approach. Non-IT users are typically very poorly equipped to perform queries of even middling sophistication, especially when they require the use of a query language such as SQL to accomplish. The upshot is that the data gets into the database, but it doesn’t come out again..."

Via langreiter.com.
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