Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Semantic Web Services Graphically

ODE SWS "The ODE SWS framework proposes the use of Problem-Solving Methods (PSM) to describe the services at the knowledge level; that is, independently of the language in which the service will be expressed."

"The Unified Problem-solving Method Language (UPML) has been proposed to provide a high-level description of the knowledge components of a PSM:
* Tasks, describe the operation to be solved, defining its input/output roles and the pre/post-conditions that should be verified to execute the task;
* Methods, detail the control of the reasoning process needed to achieve a task, specifying, if required, the decomposition of tasks into their sub-tasks as well as the coordination of the execution of such sub-tasks to obtain the result (operational description);
* Domain models, contain the knowledge of the domain of an application;
* Ontologies, semantically describe the elements used in the definition of tasks and methods (roles), and domain models (objects); and
* Adapters, establish mappings among the other knowledge components of a PSM, enabling the reuse of the components since adapters define the conditions in which the components could be applicable each other."

The manual was convincing enough to give it a try. The main graph UI is UML like, similar to Rational Rose. Written in Java it uses Jena and JGraph. The JAR is self executing but you need Jena and the rest in the classpath for it to work. It also comes with a distribution of Minerva and WebODE.
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