Tuesday, October 26, 2004

In Search of Mosaic for the SW

Mining the Semantic Web "You've got to have ontologies; you've got to have a language for doing it; you need a social networking mechanism to enable you to make these inferences between representations that people are putting up about themselves. And you need a higher layer that actually crawls or somehow gathers that data and integrates it behind a single interface.

Today we have this new generation of technology. We don't really even have a browser for this information. There are some standards that have just come out, and we're at the stage now where there's no Yahoo. There's not even a Mosaic. There's definitely no Netscape. The question will be really who is in position to make these critical, enabling first key pieces of technology that will catalyze the rest of it."

"Where we're going is to take the hundreds of thousands of real-time news feeds today—going on millions—and turn it into broad search. The way we look at RSS is it's everything on the web that changes, which is to say everything on the web that has value."
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