Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Kowari 1.0.5 Released

From the release notes:
* iTQL now supports the having clause, exclude constraints, repeated variables in a where constraint, improved subqueries and empty select clauses:
o The having clause allows restrictions to be placed on aggregate functions, such as count.
o exclude imposes a logically opposite match on the graph to normal constraints.
o Repeated variables in the where clause allow, for example, the ability to find statements with the same subject and object values.
o Subqueries now support the use of trans, walk and exclude.
o An empty select clause returns true if the items in the where clause exist in the given graph.
* The existing string pool was rewritten to allow support to add new hard-coded datatypes. The caching was also moved closer to the string pool implementation, increasing load speed by up to 50%.
* Complete rewrite of the Jena support layer. Multiple Jena models/graphs can be created and accessed independently on multiple machines. Fastpath support allows RDQL queries to make use of Kowari's native query handling. A client/server API is added allowing client access to a Jena Model or Graph backed by Kowari. There are also bugs fixes and further enhancements to performance, such as reading RDF files.
* Enhanced JRDF support including a client/server interface, similar to Jena's. A new OWL API, called SOFA is also available. This can operate on any JRDF compliant implementation. Currently this can be in-memory or Kowari.
* N3 file support for importing and exporting of models.
* Improved RMI support including the ability to load or save data from a client to a remote server or from a remote server to a client.

It's been a long time between releases. A Kowari 1.1 preview release should be along next, followed by a Kowari 1.0.6 release.
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