Tuesday, October 12, 2004


IBM delivers Masala ""What IBM will be able to do [with Masala] is offer a federated data model that brings together a number of disparate sources in one place [to let users] search, index, and retrieve data without writing to individual data sources as you might have had to in the past," said Stephen O'Grady, senior analyst at Redmonk. "It is a fairly significant step up," he added."

"Masala has been at the heart of that effort to help "redefine" business intelligence. It is designed to allow corporate users to create a "virtual database" by collecting information seamlessly across the enterprise from things such as customer service records, e-mails, tables of numbers, photos, and other forms of information and view them all as if they were in one location.

With the new offering, IBM will also be able to compete against traditional enterprise information integration vendors such as Composite Software, MetaMatrix, and BEA's Liquid Data along with enterprise search vendors such as Verity, Endeca, and Autonomy."

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