Friday, October 29, 2004


DG Research Team Is Developing a Digital Interpreter "One of the first steps in the process is the creation of an ontology, a cross-lingual thesaurus that provides a thematic structure for all the terms one is likely to encounter. Ontologies need to be semantically sensitive: "bank" near "river" means something quite different from "bank" near "teller."

"In the context of Digital Government, ontologies play an increasingly important role, as database metadata schemas, terminology standardization structures and the foundation for interfaces between applications," says Hovy. "Yet the complexity and cost of building ontologies remains a daunting challenge.""

"Since ontologies are such a necessary and time-consuming precursor to any integration project, researchers are investigating, "semi-automated methods to build ontologies to align and merge existing ones for new purposes and to adapt old ones for re-use," says Hovy, who hopes this will become a prototype project for just such semi-automation technology."

OntoBuilder was covered previously, it's Java based, and is mentioned in the Ontology Tools Survey, Revisited.
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